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  • Big data is taking on an increased role at utilities both large and small. Harvesting reams of data that was previously unavailable just 18-24 months ago opens up great opportunities for both utilities and ratepayers. However, maneuvering the vast amounts of data also results in new challenges for utilities. We asked several utilities about how they are using big data, what challenges they have
  • The Arlington Water Utilities Department supplies water to more than 367,000 residents and has over 100,000 monthly accounts as part of the City of Arlington, Texas. For this issue of Utility2Utility, we spoke with Laurie Foreman, customer services manager for Arlington Water Utilities about the new and exciting world of customer mobile for them. Intelligent Utility: How is the City of Arlington


  • The Department of Water and Power continued Wednesday to offer apologies for long wait times and billing problems to its customers, promising that some relief is on the way as it hires more people to handle the volume of telephone calls.

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