White Papers

  • May 01, 2002 | SCT- Global Energy, Utilities & Communicaitons
    "Many suppliers of enterprise-class system software claim that their architecture and technologies are a 'silver bullet' to address the needs of utilities and energy suppliers today and in the future. However, as in all fields of engineering, tradeoffs always exist."
  • May 01, 2002 | SCT- Global Energy, Utilities & Communicaitons
    "While most of the restructuring debate seems to revolve around the merits and viability of retail competition, the real restruvturing of energy markets has already occurred-creating unprecedented risks for utilities that few are prepared to manage"
  • Apr 29, 2002 | General Physics (GP)
    Power Plant Facilities can now access over 1,400 technical lessons over the Internet through GP’s fully hosted portal. The portal allows your Company to assign, evaluate, and track both “knowledge-based” and “hands-on” qualification tasks, while permitting supervisors to easily manage and...
  • Apr 04, 2002 | Siebel Systems
    Deregulation and increased competition and consolidation in the Utilities industry have changed the way utilities manage customer relationships. Siebel Systems and TIBCO Software have partnered to provide the TIBCO Real-Time Customer Service for Utilities solution that enables utilities to...
  • Feb 21, 2002 | Peak Load Management Alliance
    The purpose of this policy paper is to recommend principles for use by regulatory authorities and others to promote the most cost-effective use of demand response for energy management. Demand response in electricity is defined as load response called for by others and price response managed by...
  • Jan 16, 2002 | @TheMoment
    Leveraging Web-based Dynamic Trading for Gas Pipeline Capacity Sales A White Paper by David C. Moshal, Co-founder and CTO of @TheMoment (as published by Power and Gas Marketing Magazine Nov/Dec 2001 issue)
  • Jan 16, 2002 | MDSI Mobile Data Solutions Inc.
    Utilities can dramatically reduce costs and improve their customer service through the automatic scheduling, assigning, and wireless dispatching of orders to technicians. Learn about all the benefits from implementing a workforce management solution.
  • Jan 14, 2002 | digitalCompetitor LLC
    The evolution of electronic trading platforms is enabling sophisticated strategies for spread, arbitrage and hedge trading of energy commodities. Capturing the benefits of online trading requires a thorough understanding of the concepts and technologies involved in operationalizing intelligent...
  • Jan 10, 2002 | American Superconductor
    “Making Power Markets Work: Back to Basics” addresses the crisis in power transmission issues and presents timely, technology-based solutions. Power transmission issues are proving to be the chief obstacle to the emergence of a robustly competitive marketplace in electricity that would drive...
  • Jan 09, 2002 | LODESTAR Corporation
    The times are changing for utility businesses. Deregulation has caused major changes in the systems that support energy companies in this new era. Information Technology (IT) systems, in particular, are being challenged to achieve new heights in the area of flexibility and integration. Before...