The Ins and Outs of Effective Smart Grid Data Management


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Those steeped in the fact and fiction of Smart Grid agree that when these systems are fully deployed, utilities will be faced with annual data volumes that exceed their wildest expectations. One prognosticator predicts that if 100 million meters are installed as expected in the U.S. by 2019, 100 petabytes – or a million gigabytes – of data could be generated by the meters alone.

Real-time access to accurate information is critical to drive Smart Grid performance. Attempting these projects without an information management strategy will hinder a utility's performance and effectiveness. Legacy applications and processes can overwhelm utilities with an unmanaged information glut. In addition, the growth in Smart Grid devices creates a new asset management challenge to manage these new assets throughout their lifecycle with implementation planning, configuration management, security, version control, compatibility, obsolescence, testing, and training. 

Utilities need more than a bunch of cool technologies to drive asset performance under the new challenges Smart Grids will impose. Asset data and processes must be recognized as the fuel that empowers utility operational Smart Grid and other IT investments. Information must be organized, structured and safeguarded to maximize its value, usefulness, accessibility and security. Utility IT, operations, and engineering leaders must recognize the need to manage asset information as currency — save, invest, spend, manage and account for it to at least the same level they manage both physical and IT assets.

This one-hour Webcast was created specifically to help utilities better understand the types of data being collected over Smart Grid networks, the issues associated with mapping out a coherent information management strategy, and important points that must be considered with the imminent flood of data that will be generated by both present and next generation Smart Grid components. The speakers will focus on the key factors associated with taking the millions of data points captured in real time and implementing the strategies, frameworks and technologies that enable utilities to process, store, analyze, visualize, integrate, transport and transform data into the information required to deliver targeted business benefits.

The Webcast will feature three leading Smart Grid practitioners, who will leverage their experience on more than 90 Smart Grid projects around the globe to give you the insights you need to anticipate, plan for and manage the Smart Grid data deluge.

  • Chris Foretich, Director, Application Services, Southern Company

  • David Haak, Senior Executive, Accenture Smart Grid Services

  • Brad Williams, VP Product Management, Oracle Utilities 

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"The Ins and Outs of Effective Smart Grid Data Management"

 During this one-hour Webcast, you will learn about:

  • Managing the mass amounts of data that need to be transformed into real-time intelligent responses

  • The criticalities and obstacles of adopting data management strategies

  • Prioritizing the steps necessary to achieve results

  • The 5 stages to an effective data management design structure

  • The 5 classes of Smart Grid data, their unique characteristics and why this is important to Smart Grid success

  • The 4 key data management challenges and how to address them

  • Real-world considerations surrounding data latency, data frequency and data volume – and how to scale to meet the challenge head-on

  • The critical role of analytics in a Smart Grid world

  • Examples of data management strategy results, including the ways it contributes to overall innovation, agility and transformation

About the Panel:


Chris Foretich, Director, Application Services, Southern Company

Chris Foretich is responsible for strategic direction, development activities, implementation and production support of software systems companywide. His responsibilities include defining, communicating and accomplishing strategies and goals within the applications services organization, which has more than 270 technical staff and managers and a total annual budget of about $72 million. He also provides technical consulting on a variety of application development and integration tools to end consumers and other development groups. Chris joined Southern Company in 2003 after working for LandAmerica Financial Group as general manager and vice president of the emerging technologies division in Atlanta. He began his career as a computer programmer for the U.S. subsidiary of Bowater plc. 

Dave Haak, Senior Executive, Accenture Smart Grid Services

Dave Haak is a Senior Executive with Accenture's Smart Grid Services practice. With 26 years of industry experience, he has global responsibility for Accenture's Smart Grid asset strategy and roadmap, global alliances and services strategy alignment. Specific areas of experience include Smart Grid and Smart Meter, workforce management, scheduling, mobile computing and work and asset management. Prior to joining Accenture, Dave was vice president of a major utility software company. He holds a BA in Computer Science/Math and Economics and Management from Albion College and an MBA from the University of Michigan. 

Bradley Williams, VP Product Management, Oracle Utilities

Bradley Williams is Vice President of Product Management for Oracle Utilities Global Business Unit, responsible for outage management, distribution management, mobile workforce management, and work and asset management utility applications. Bradley has more than 23 years of utility technology innovation experience. Prior to Oracle, he was a Research Director in Gartner's Energy & Utilities Industry Advisory Services focusing on utility T&D applications of GIS, SCADA/EMS/DMS, outage and work management, and transmission and distribution asset management research. Prior to being a research analyst, Bradley was a Director of T&D Asset Management at PacifiCorp and an Engineering Supervisor at Southern California Edison Company. He holds four US patents related to Smart Grid technologies and is a registered Professional Engineer.

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May 19, 2010