Putting Energy Storage Into Action


Right now, myriad utilities are testing that value proposition to what role energy storage could play for them and whether it's technically and financially feasible.

Two of the nation's leading utilities - Southern California Edison and Duke Energy - are among those utilities implementing specific energy storage technologies for a widely sought application: the integration of renewable resources.

Although actual results of those studies won't be available for some time, utilities across the country can learn the drivers, objectives and challenges involved in seeking answers on energy storage. How do these utilities think about energy storage? What have these utilities learned just in the implementation phase of pursuing their projects? Attendees of this webcast will learn the answers and will be able to pose questions of their own.

This webcast featured:

  • Chris Rees, strategic planning manager, Duke Energy
  • Mark Irwin, director of technology advancement, Southern California Edison

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Energy Central
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Energy Central
Jul 11, 2012