Managing A Changing Workforce


Join us to learn how cutting-edge organizations like Southern California Edison are using smart mentoring to address the impending workforce change. We'll talk with Ed Robinson, the director of community partnerships at Southern California Edison, to understand why he launched a smart mentoring program, how the company is leveraging it, and why it is already effective. 

We'll also explore how you can architect a smart mentoring program that allows you to proactively address the inevitable and looming workforce changes. 

We'll cover: 

  • 9 strategies that mentoring can drive forward
  • The 7 vital steps for architecting a smart mentoring initiative
  • 5 critical elements for successful mentoring programs
  • Resources participants need to drive effective mentoring 
  • Best and worst practices 

Panelists include: 

  • Matthew Burks, senior manager, E Source Mass-Market Services
  • Ann Tardy, founder and chief catalyst, LifeMoxie 
  • Ed Robinson, senior manager of community involvement, Corporate Communications Department, Southern California Edison 

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Energy Central
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Energy Central
Aug 11, 2011