Get Current on HVDC: A Growing Trend in Transmission


Why? HVDC is better than AC for carrying power long distance - making it ideal for offshore wind. It requires smaller rights-of-way footprints. And, it delivers power directly from point A to point B - alleviating regional-planning and cost-allocation issues.

Transmission planners, managers, and developers - don't miss your chance to get an insider's perspective on the advantages and applications of this quickly emerging technology in this free on-demand webinar. Moderated by Carl Dombek, Energy Central’s senior editor for TransmissionHub, this free webcast will feature industry experts representing transmission providers, builders and developers, including:

Peter Kohnstam, HVDC Business Development Manager at Siemens Energy

  • Jim Nash, Vice President of Engineering, PowerBridge

  • Wayne Galli, Vice President - Transmission and Technical Services, Clean Line Energy

    Click here to listen now to this webcast and get an unparalleled look at this growing trend in transmission.

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    Energy Central
    Jun 14, 2012