Customer Analytics Issues, Trends, & Drivers


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Learn how utilities are uncovering customer & business value in mountains of new data.

New smart meter data, coupled with utilities' significant investments in customer care systems and processes, are creating data overload for many utilities.

Data is exploding from the traditional 12 annual data events per meter to as many as 35,040 events annually as utilities migrate to 15-minute interval reads.

Buried in this data are valuable insights for utilities on everything from demand response and improved efficiency programs for customers, to fraud detection, revenue protection, and customer service capabilities that were once not possible.

Learn how utilities are realizing the full potential from new customer data in this free on-demand Executive Insights webcast recording, which will include lessons from utilities in the field, as well as an overview of results from the Utility Analytics Institute's Annual Customer Analytics Report:

Customer Analytics: Issues, Trends and Drivers
Lessons from utilities in the field and key findings from the
Annual Customer Analytics Report

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This free recorded webcast will provide strategic and actionable insights on:

  • The clearest path to realizing customer and business benefits embedded in this flood of data
  • Lessons learned from utilities applying customer analytics "on the ground"
  • The latest issues, trends, and drivers as reported in the May 2012 Annual Customer Analytics Report

Moderated by Christine Richards, senior analyst, Utility Analytics Institute, this webcast includes lessons learned and best practices from:

Gavin Targonski
Head of Integration & Information Architecture, British Gas IS, Centrica
Grace Brigando
Manager of Revenue Protection Strategy, ComEd
Christine Richards

Senior Analyst, Utility Analytics Institute, Energy Central

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May 30, 2012