Critical Success Factors for Accelerating Successful Smart Grid Pilots

Smart grids are at the fulcrum of the emerging low carbon economy. Not only do they help leverage distributed sources of renewable energy, but they can also help to intelligently manage energy consumption by bringing together supply and demand side solutions. Governments are showing increased support for smart grids, and utilities around the globe are testing and deploying this new technology. In fact, there are an estimated 90 smart grid pilots underway today.

The World Economic Forum, together with Accenture, recently engaged more than 60 industry experts from across the smart grid value chain, to analyze the challenges and conditions for successful pilots. The highlights from this informative study will be presented in a one-hour webinar that was developed to provide utilities with a synopsis of study results that can help to ensure maximum value from smart grid pilot investments.

The speakers will provide experience-based insights on the critical areas of focus when scoping, designing, implementing and disseminating the results of their pilots.

Webinar participants will learn about:

-The common challenges facing pilots throughout their lifecycle stages.

-The best practice examples and recommendations for overcoming pilot challenges.

-Specific recommendations to industry and to policy makers/regulators on how best to incentivize innovation in smart grid pilots.

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Energy Central
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Energy Central
Jan 13, 2011