Intelligent Utility Magazine Winter 2015
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  • An interview with Matthew Ketschke
    Con Edison talks death, data and disruptions
    WE HEAR A LOT THESE DAYS ABOUT THE DEATH OF THE UTILITY BUSINESS MODEL. WHAT IS CON EDISON DOING TO NOT JUST WEATHER THE DISRUPTION BUT TO THRIVE?KETSCHKE: First, we're not looking at it as a disruption, but as an opportunity.People have an increasing number of choices regarding how they get their energy.Now they can produce it more cost effectively than ever before. New technology and innovation...
  • An interview with the head of ICS-CERT
    Direct talk from the DHS on cybersecurity
     WE SAT DOWN for a chat with Marty Edwards, director of the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICSCERT) with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) about one of the biggest threats to utilities today and in the future--security in the Internet of Things (IoT) world.WHAT IS THE POWER INDUSTRY DOING RIGHT WHEN IT COMES TO CYBERSECURITY?EDWARDS: The power subset of the...
  • How do we get there?
    The future of utility data
    THE FUTURE IS a more desirable place to be in the energy world when raw data becomes actionable insight. The functional silos that govern America's power industry are dissipating as utilities and end users derive new value from a changing system of power generation and delivery. Today, big data and analytics are helping drive the change. While you'd be challenged to find a more overused buzzword...
  • Here’s a hint: analytics involved
    Unlocking the next gen of smart grid benefits
     UTILITIES HAVE INVESTED billions of dollars over the last five years in technologies designed to operate the electric grid more efficiently, reliably, safely, and cost-effectively. As deployment of smart grid infrastructure reaches an inflection point, utility executives are faced with the difficult task of determining how to best make use of the data generated by intelligent devices to...
  • Talking with ComEd’s prez on derbys, details & the death spiral
    Catching up with Anne Pramaggiore
    WE LAST SPOKE to Anne Pramaggiore, president and CEO of Chicago utility ComEd, exactly one year ago to the day from this chat, an interesting coincidence--or perhaps we were responding to an internal need to catch up with one of our favorite industry executives.In 2014, we talked specifically about the utility's icebox derby, an annual event to promote STEM efforts for girls. So, we checked in...
  • FirstEnergy lineman gets his own bobblehead
    A model act
    A LOT OF LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS DREAM of being firefighters or police officers or even utility linemen when they grow up, Evan Suboticki was a lucky dreamer. He got to realize that dream and be that lineman for FirstEnergy. He never realized, however, that this dream job came along with a second one--namely, being a model.Not for Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger. That's small potatoes. Suboticki...