Which of the following will be the biggest meter data management system integration challenge for utilities?

Number of survey participants: 42
Participants were allowed to vote for one answer in this poll.
Integration with the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
26% (11 votes)
Integration with the customer information system (CIS)
42% (18 votes)
Integration with the outage management system (OMS)
33% (14 votes)
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AMI and CIS are a given

In order to have AMI, you must have MDMS and integration points to CIS.  Connecting OMS to AMI will be the biggest challenge.  I don't think OMS vendors are ready to see the amount of events coming in to an AMI system.

Why should they have to?

The comment infers that all events are of interest to an OMS.   For instance - why would you innundate a system with meter out events on a feeder that you know is locked out?   A little intelligence on the front end of an AMI to OMS interface would mitigate the data volume issue.