What will be the key deployment/implementation smart grid issue facing intelligent utilities in 2011?

Number of survey participants: 72
Participants were allowed to vote for one answer in this poll.
Consumer buy-in and acceptance
56% (40 votes)
Distribution grid problems with increased uptake of PHEVs
4% (3 votes)
Distribution grid problems with increased net metering of rooftop solar
3% (2 votes)
Energy storage
4% (3 votes)
Integration of solutions
33% (24 votes)
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Integration of Solutions

Those who are actually involved in the business of planning or building future grids will tell you this is going to be the main hurdle. At no times in History has there been an attempt to build such a system.Have you ever thought of Intelligent Dairy?Or Intelligent Roadways?Or Intelligent Airliners?Or intelligent Shipping?Or Intelligent Hotels? Never! The most important analogy to Electricity is Milk!Think of an intelligent Dairy?Some will say that it already exists.But can you right now store electricity like you transform milk to cheese and store?If you eat cheese you do not complain but if you are given cheese instead of Electricity will you take it? In case you can not satisfactorily store Electrical Energy?Till date you can not!! So the analogy with Dairy ends here.Also your preferences vis a vis Electricity does not Exist.Most difficult part is integration of Solutions.