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    Apr 19, 2007 | Tom Glassanos
    Early pay discounts are an often-ignored source of solid bottom line growth for many of the world's utilities companies. Savvy CFOs, financial directors and AP managers in the industry are emerging as a new kind of portfolio manager and can earn annualized returns of up to 36 percent on cash, just by paying bills earlier.
  • Apr 13, 2007 | Greg Galluzzi
    The replacement of a utility's Customer Information System (CIS) remains a complicated and daunting task. Today, many utilities are engaging in lengthy studies to determine what they should do with their CIS while others have pursued aggressive selection and implementation efforts.
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    Apr 11, 2007 | Roger Feldman
    In our electronic trendy society, supposed "tipping points" where there are said to be basic societal changes, come and go too quickly for good public policy as well as for entrepreneurial innovators, capital investors and companies -- both utility and industrial -- all trying to adapt their strategies to the political winds.
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    Apr 04, 2007 | Jeffrey Michel
    Of their innate nature, electronic power meters are capable of compiling and transmitting data at any time. However, this functionality is not always exploited. Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is often implemented only to replace pedestrian meter readers by wireless data inquiry equipment that may be installed in a drive-by vehicle.
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    Apr 03, 2007 | Jeffrey Michel
    Two developments are poised to shape the 21st century in an unprecedented manner: The omnipresence of electronic computers for data processing and the precipitous warming of the Earth's atmosphere by the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG).
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    Mar 27, 2007 | Steve Hanawalt
    Global carbon regulation is arguably the largest risk and opportunity most corporations will face in the beginning of the 21st century. It has been estimated that turnover in the global carbon marketplace could exceed a trillion dollars in the next five to ten years. Voluntary and mandatory reporting protocols are emerging.

  • Mar 23, 2007 | Jeff Tolnar
    The late Nobel laureate Rick Smalley observed that even though our civilization has many problems, energy is central to all of them. Critics of the U.S. utility industry declare that aging technology is placing the entire industry in a position of escalating risk - both from a power delivery perspective and a financial viability perspective.
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    Mar 22, 2007 | David Saxby
    A few weeks ago, I was driving across Alabama on a business trip and as I drove, I thought about the great customer service experience I was going to receive at a particular Holiday Inn. You see, I had an expectation because I had stayed at this hotel on two previous occasions and each time I was amazed by the quality of the service.
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    Mar 16, 2007 | Christina Kelly
    Who knew 20 years ago that we would spend a considerable amount of time surfing the Internet, looking for everything from how to treat poison ivy, obtain basketball scores in real time or view a raging volcano spew molten lava in Hawaii and actually hear the sizzle when the lava hits the water.
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    Mar 13, 2007 | Christopher Russell
    Industrial energy users unwittingly raise the price of the fuel they consume. After accounting for waste, the price paid per unit of energy available to do work can be as much as two-thirds higher than the price of delivered fuel.