Industry Structure

  • Sep 23, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Like winning the Super Bowl or a national championship, success for electric utilities in today’s changing business environment requires planning, execution, vision, commitment and teamwork. Insiders at Leidos talk about this strategic planning. 

  • Sep 22, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Webb loves strategy and rapid change, making his CIO gig perfect for him. We talk about what the industry is doing right, what it's doing wrong and his advice for weathering all of it. 

  • Sep 11, 2014 | Tao Hong

    Energy forecasting is one of those areas of great importance to electric grid that gets little attention—even from power industry insiders. But you need to know how to make the best of your forecasting process. Here are 13 tips to get you started.

  • Sep 03, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    For this installment of C-suite Insider, we spoke with Dan Hill, who retired as CIO of Exelon a few years ago. He shares with us the best advice he ever received. 

  • Part of the women-in-energy article series

    Aug 31, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    “As Kayak is to travel, Choose Energy is to electricity,” said Kerry Cooper, CEO of Choose Energy when I asked how she described her gig to people outside of the industry. But even people inside of the industry might be a little confused at what Cooper does. An “energy marketplace” really isn’t the norm in most states.

  • Sep 08, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Martin Travers, president of Black & Veatch’s telecommunications business, discusses the company's recent survey and what that means about this business and big data.

  • Aug 03, 2014 | Mike Smith

    Every year the Knowledge Executive Summit gives out annual KITE awards for knowledge, innovation, technology and excellence. If someone in your organization fits those marks and has made a real difference in the areas of IT, operations or customer service, you should nominate them now for a KITE award. (Nominations close Sept. 5.)

  • Jul 26, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    For this very first installment of our latest article series, C-suite Insider, we spoke with Randy Senn, CIO of SCANA Corporation, a man who rose up to CIO from a student job nearly 40 years ago. 

  • Jul 22, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    As the smart city concept evolves, utilities will—by necessity—be taking the lead on many projects. Keeping that evolution in mind, Intelligent Utility has been quietly building you a smart cities library where you can access ideas, insights and project details on what’s happening within the smart city space.

  • Jul 21, 2014 | Uday Varadarajan

    Analysis by the Climate Policy Initiative shows that newly emerging finance models can lower renewable energy costs by as much as 20 percent. Here are the details.

  • Jul 14, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    In a moment of levity in this all-too-serious industry, we pay homage to our favorite scene in the now 20-year-old “Speed” where Jeff Daniels says to Keanu Reeves, “pop quiz, hotshot” and then runs through various scenarios for the gum-smacking Keanu to sort through. Here’s our version. If you get over 8, we'll personally tout it on Twitter and call you an industry expert. 

  • Jul 07, 2014 | Jim Heidell

    Heidell, utilities expert at PA Consulting Group, discusses the disruptive challenges utilities will face over the next few years and how to tackle them.

  • Jul 06, 2014 | Paul De Martini

    Paul De Martini, a visiting scholar at the Resnick Sustainability Institute at Caltech, and Dr. Lorenzo Kristov, principal market design architect at the California ISO, talk ideas and an industry future full of rapid growth, DR and emerging hybrid systems.

  • Jul 02, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    In celebration of America's Independence Day, we take a look at the famous electrical experiments of Ben Franklin--and the truth behind the hype. Do we really believe Franklin was crazy enough to stand in the rain with a kite?

  • Part of the women-in-energy article series

    Jun 18, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Sallie Rainer, president and CEO of Entergy Texas, tells outsiders that her role is all about value. But, certainly, creating value through power delivery wasn’t Rainer’s dream job as a kid. It wasn’t what she always wanted to be, though, even as a kid, it sounds like she had the executive-level drive.

  • These women can teach you the industry ropes

    Jun 14, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    A year ago we put boots on the ground—or fingers on the Outlook emails, really—to gather candidates for a new series about women in this industry. Here, you’ll find a complete list of the women we’ve featured so far, who work a range of industry jobs from marketing to the board, from lineman to transmission building.

  • Jun 12, 2014 | Scott Samuelsen

    Scott Samuelsen, director of the National Fuel Cell Research Center and professor of mechanical, aerospace and environmental engineering at the University of California, Irvine, gives us a rundown of the power of fuel cells.

  • Jun 05, 2014 | Patty Durand

    Patty Durand, executive director of the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, writes that "the twin genies of rising consumer expectations and technology innovation are out of the bottle and can no longer be contained."

  • Apr 06, 2014 | Erich Gunther

    Erich Gunther writes here as a board member for the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP), discussing how the panel fits into the overall standards ecosystem.

  • Apr 03, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Throughout our women-in-energy series, we’ve looked at women who networked well and networked in varying ways. For this installment in the series, we take the idea of women and networking more literally and chat with a couple of ladies within the Women’s Energy Network (WEN), an international organization of professional women founded in 1994 by Karyl McCurdy Lawson and celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2014.