Customer Care

  • A wider range of Ontario sectors are now eligible to apply for incentives under Stream 3 of the Industrial Electricity Incentive (IEI) program, which the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) recently launched.
  • Duke Energy Carolinas, which serves the Charlotte region, slipped in this year's J.D. Power and Associates customer-satisfaction survey of electric utility residential customers.
  • Keeping your home or office cool during the dog days of summer should be a bit cheaper next month than it was during July.
  • Jul 20, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    These days, utilities have to contend with being more “retail” in their thinking and their strategies. Here are 6 tips to help you gather more contented consumers.

  • Customers ranked Allentown-based PPL Electric Utilities No. 1 in satisfaction among large electric companies in the Eastern United States.
  • Duquesne Light and West Penn Power are among the best electric utilities in the region in handling customer service, according to a report released today by J.D. Power.
  • The California Independent System Operator (ISO) introduced an updated and improved version of its mobile app, ISO Today, to include a Net Demand chart, an extended calendar to display important ISO events and speedier emergency alert notification system.
  • Jul 13, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Ed Drew, vice president at the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC), talks data and small utilities--the rural angle.

  • Jul 10, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Olivier Pauzet with Sierra Wireless takes a stand: OEMs need a better option to quickly build and scale embedded energy solutions worldwide, and utilizing an open-source M2M platform is a sound strategy for advancing M2M applications and giving embedded M2M developers a head start.

  • Jul 01, 2014 | Kim Gaddy

    Real-time speech analytics offers utilities better insight into customer interactions and expectations. Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and Seattle City Light (SCL) will implement speech analytics later this month according to Debra Russell, director, joint utility contact center whom I had the pleasure of chatting with at the INTERACTIONS 2014 customer conference hosted by Interactive Intelligence. 

  • Jul 01, 2014 | Dinesh Rajan
    Competitive Electricity retailers better start taking a leaf from the mobile service provider's book on churn management. Customers living in a world where they can get a free handset and $50 cash back for signing up a new mobile service provider are not going to look at Electricity and In Home Displays (IHD) too differently.
  • Jun 26, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Let’s face it: Summers are sweaty. They’re sticky and exhausting. But, no worries. Utilities are here to save the day, my friends. They have frozen giveaways, thermostat and light bulb advice, and even a rescue or two—all to make your summer safer and happier. And some are recorded here in our best utility tweets of June to share with you. So, grab a cold treat and dig into the heated discussion.

  • Jun 21, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    A year ago, I really thought this headline was the truth, but today I have a different viewpoint. I see the value. So, we’ve made an investment in social media at Intelligent Utility, as the power industry itself is starting to do—from utilities discussing outages and interns to companies revealing outlooks and the Internet of Things. Come take a look at this changing communication tool.

  • Jun 20, 2014 | Sarah Battaglia
    When trying to decipher the label on a box of light bulbs, you could become so frustrated your teeth start to grind and your eyes begin to protrude. If you're new to the lighting labels, they can be confusing, but fear not! We're here to teach you the lingo and explain what everything means.
  • Jun 16, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Greg Guthridge, global managing director with Accenture Energy Consumer Services, takes us inside the company's new research on how your customer is evolving to be more active--and more interactive.

  • Jun 09, 2014 | Dr. Dale Skeen
    In an increasingly competitive and complex business environment, energy companies are looking for ways to better manage multiple systems and touch points to provide exceptional service to both current and prospective customers. They need better end-to-end real-time visibility into business processes so that they can immediately remediate "at jeopardy" processes before customers are negatively impacted.
  • Jun 07, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    For this issue of Utility2Utility, we spoke with Laurie Foreman, customer services manager for Arlington Water Utilities in Texas about the new and exciting world of customer mobile for them.

  • Jun 05, 2014 | Patty Durand

    Patty Durand, executive director of the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, writes that "the twin genies of rising consumer expectations and technology innovation are out of the bottle and can no longer be contained."

  • Jun 04, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    One of Norway’s largest power companies, Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk Nett (NTE), has begun a pilot project to see if customers will respond to real-time pricing. In this international issue of our Utility2Utility series, we talk with Torbjørn Opland, department director at Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk Nett AS about the project.

  • Jun 03, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Silicon Valley Power is the municipal utility for the City of Santa Clara, California. They recently announced a project to expand free outdoor wi-fi across the city. In this installment of our Utility2Utility series, we spoke with Larry Owens, manager of customer services, about that massive wi-fi project.