Outage Management

  • Six days after an epic windstorm toppled hundreds of trees, knocked down dozens of utility poles and killed two people amid near hurricane-force gusts, more than 35,000 households remained without power in the Spokane area Monday as a winter blast pushed into the region.
  • Christopher Piccolo stares at the computer screen in front of him, showing a high-level view of Lancaster, and zeroes in on a neighborhood. The Eversource distribution system operations supervisor is watching a power outage unfold in real time.
  • Fifteen generating stations owned by FirstEnergy Corp. in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia today have completed comprehensive preventive maintenance work to help ensure they are well-prepared to deliver reliable operations throughout winter, when electricity demand is higher due to increased heating needs.
  • As industry operators plan a review in the present electricity tariff, analysts are positing that it may be far - fetched from the solutions needed to having a robust power sector.
  • Avista Utilities still hopes to have most customers back online by Monday, but as the work gets more time and labor intensive, CEO Scott Morris cautioned that it may be midweek before everyone has power again.
  • Among the thousands of residents who remain without power after Tuesday's massive windstorm is Avista's chairman and CEO, Scott Morris.
  • When Hurricane Sandy stormed toward the Atlantic coast three years ago, it threatened to leave a swath of devastation behind in New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • Entergy weathers the storm

    Nov 16, 2015 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    August 29th was the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting Southeast Louisiana. For two or three days this year, there were live shots on every news channel from Fox to CBS. But few, if any, told the story of this historic storm from local utility Entergy’s unique angle.

  • Nov 16, 2015 | Debsankar Pramanik
    Followings are some of the functional requirements that must be met in a typical Outage Management System application.
  • Nov 09, 2015 | Debsankar Pramanik
    The Expected changes to the CAISO (California Independent System Operator Corporation) wholesale power market, as well as the necessary integration of new renewable resources (Ex: solar energy, wind, hydroelectric energy, biomass), requires an utility company to make investment in a centralized application (e.g. analytical evaluation tool) to improve information transparency for outage decision-making.
  • Entergy weathers the storm
  • Part of the Utility2Utility interview series

    Oct 30, 2015 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    PSEG Long Island pledges to create a utility Long Islanders can be proud of. In fact, they write on the website: “Keeping the lights on isn’t just a job for us: It’s our mission.” Part of that mission work involves helping customers in personal ways during storms and outages while the line crews get those lights back on.

  • Oct 30, 2015 | Michael Schwartz
    Winter is coming! A phrase that holds as much fear for utilities and power generators as it does for members of Westeros' beleaguered Night's Watch.
  • Part of the Utility2Utility interview series

    Oct 22, 2015 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Énergie NB Power has recently revamped its website with more consumer-oriented, real-time information. For this installment of our popular interview series, we chat with Ian Eagles, GIS specialist, systems support, about one specific addition to the site.

  • Lessons from a couple of PPL companies

    Aug 31, 2015 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Earlier this year, Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities Company (KU) began chatting with customers via mobile about outages. We wanted to know a few more details on this customer-centric project. So, we pinged our friend John P. Malloy, vice president of customer service for the utilities, and asked him for all the juicy details.

  • Aug 12, 2015 | Steve Ehrlich
    In the wake of the massive 2003 power outage throughout the northeast United States and eastern Canada, research by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that power outages cost the United States $80 billion per year.
  • Jul 24, 2015 | Charles Y. Chen, PhD
    I am addicted to C-SPAN. Especially now, when the 2016 presidential election season is well underway.
  • Jul 10, 2015 | Tony Sleva
    In the continental United States, major, statewide, blackouts occur every 5 years or so. Most recently, Southwest in September 2011, Florida in February 2008, and Northeast in August 2003.
  • Jun 22, 2015 | John Egan

    "Budgets, Gadgets & Price Increases," a recent survey of North American utility communicators and marketers, contains good news, bad news and intriguing news for that community.