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Mike Smith
Mike Smith is the senior vice president of Sierra Energy Group, Energy Central’s Research & Analysis Division.

Mr. Smith is a fifteen year veteran of the utility information and media business. Immediately prior to joining Energy Central, Smith was a Principal at InfoNetrix, a market research and consulting firm he co-founded. Prior to that, he has been involved in many of the leading information and media initiatives in the market, including developing and launching the industry’s first dedicated publication, intimate involvement in many of the industry’s leading conferences, running the industry’s leading market research firm, and holding key marketing and sales management positions with several leading solution providers.

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SCADA technology is pretty amazing when one thinks about how far it has come in such a relatively short period of time, considering its impact on utility operations. Now, with commoditization of hardware, emerging computing standards, and a greater need for integrating/leveraging data across multiple systems and applications, the future of the "good ol' SCADA market" is starting to look markedly different from where it has been over the last 15 - 20 years. I am always on the lookout for perspectives from either the vendor or user sides of this market as to where people see this heading. For instance, will there even be "SCADA companies" in existance in five years? Or will RTUs and related devices be mass produced by horizontally-focused hardware manufacturers? Are these types of developments good or bad for the industry? Please let me know your thoughts - thanks!
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