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Christopher Perdue
Christopher Perdue is an energy industry thought leader noted for his expertise in market intelligence, research, and smart technologies. He has provided a broad spectrum of services designed to address the research and analysis needs of the industry, including research surveys, product development analysis, customer segmentation studies, trend analysis, strategic plan development, competitive and market intelligence, best practices studies, market retention strategies, satisfaction measurement, and consulting services.

Mr. Perdue is known for his innovative research, and his sharply focused insight into the rapidly changing landscape of the energy business. His efforts have led to the development and assimilation of databases and reports that are used throughout the industry, the investment community, and by governments for decisive strategic planning. He has published more than 150 articles on topics ranging from energy and utility industry trends, emerging energy technologies, economic development, energy policy initiatives, customer service, call centers, billing, credit and collections, and smart grid technologies. Mr. Perdue is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

He is a 19-year veteran of the energy and utility industries, and his work experience prior to joining Energy Central includes UtiliPoint International, Excelergy, DukeSolutions, Central and South West Corporation, and Gulf States Utilities. Mr. Perdue holds a Master's degree in Economics from Vanderbilt University, and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Belmont University.