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Data and "the Next Big Thing"

I would like to recommend a video presentation done by Dr. Massoud Amin  at the U of MN yesterday.  It is available on the web at :

He has some very interesting things to say (quite clearly) about the "smart grid".

David Grider    MN Futurists

Supply & demand

Hi Phil,

Now here's an interseting concept, only applied to water.  You have to wonder if electricity conservation would force the same?  Would it be possible to save too much and not cover the fixed costs at the utility level?  Who'd of thought?

Florida Utility To Increase Water Rates Due To Declining Use.

The Tampa Tribune (3/19, Johnson) reports, "Tampa Bay Water...isn't selling enough water to meet expenses," and will increase rates in response. An "average household using 8,000 gallons a month would see its monthly water bill rise by $1.20 or $14 a year." According to the Tribune, Tampa Bay Water is "selling less water because growth slowed and people are cutting use, partly to save money and partly responding to years governments trumpeted the need to conserve. Also, near-normal rainfall cut into water use."

        The St. Petersburg Times (3/19, Pittman) reports over 80 percent of Tampa Bay Water's expenses go for electricity, chemicals and paying off the money it borrowed to build the state's largest reservoir and the nation's biggest desalination plant." Although some local officials attributed the rate increase to water conservation as "a major factor," Southwest Florida Water Management District executive director Dave Moore argued that "a lot of it is related to the economic downturn."

I enjoy your column...keep up the good work.

Douglas R. Strang, Jr., P.E.