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  • Jan 06, 2013 | Kathleen W. Davis


    As 2013 unspools in the first few weeks of January, we stop looking back at the year that was and start looking forward to the year that will be. But, what if the year that was can give insights into the year that will be? Usually industry hot spots and areas of concern don’t stop existing at the stroke of midnight as the year shifts. So, keeping that in mind, here are concepts from 2012 that will grow into their own (or beyond) as this new 2013 progresses.

  • Jan 03, 2013 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Distributed energy—energy located with the end user and not stretched across a transmission network of wires and substations—will continue to follow the trend set by an intelligent grid: As the grid expands its smarts, distributed energy expands it’s reach. Is your infrastructure prepared?

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  • IEEE PES backs effort at community dialogue
    Jan 02, 2013 | Phil Carson

    Ever talk to a customer, face-to-face? It can be cheaper, easier and more instructive than any focus group or analytics-based computation. But you've got to have a bona fide process to acquire allies.

  • UTC webinar refreshes the conversation
    Jan 01, 2013 | Phil Carson

    Smart appliances come with questions on how the market will develop. How will manufacturers, utiltiies and end-use customers be incentivized to participate? Questions dominated a recent webinar on the subject. 

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  • 3Q 2012 began with the year's biggest story
    Dec 30, 2012 | Phil Carson

    Wild fires in the West, derechos in the East and a massive hurricane crashing into New York City brought renewed attention to grid modernization and questions on whether public investment has paid off. The results of investigations into those questions will resonate throughout the coming year. 

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  • Dec 27, 2012 | Kathleen Wolf Davis


    As the power industry horizon starts to rain cloud offerings, it can be difficult to push through the PR storm; in the end, the right cloud solution for a utility offers smart IT options. Thought leadership sponsored by Intel.

  • Dec 27, 2012 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Why do consumers who regularly use more personal technology (such as smartphones) without a second thought become preoccupied with what the power company will know about them when smarter meters and thermostats come more directly into play?

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  • Power's past as prologue: 2012's issues haven't been resolved
    Dec 26, 2012 | Phil Carson

    A surprising number of issues identified in 2012 will continue to drive power industry discussions in the coming year, including customer engagement, security and storage, judging by the way those issues evolved between spring and fall of the year just past.

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  • Some issues progressed considerably in just one year
    Dec 25, 2012 | Phil Carson

    The year past began with the evolving issue of customer engagement, data analytics and smart meter opt-out policies. If the third issue has been largely resolved by very low opt-out rates, the first two remain front and center for the power industry.

  • Global survey reflects interest in storage, generation and islanding
    Dec 23, 2012 | Phil Carson

    An IEEE survey of global utility executives finds that energy storage, distributed generation and microgrids will drive energy markets over the next five years. It's not your father's utility anymore.

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