Insights from our Editorial Team

  • Mar 26, 2013 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Dan Sowder, a senior project manager with Duke Energy, gives us an inside look at the utility's award-winning Rankin substation and its interesting utility-scale battery technology.

  • Mar 25, 2013 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    In late February, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) released pictures of a couple of adorable little drones they’ve been working on. I realize I’m not supposed to call such complicated, cutting-edge technology “adorable,” but I have a soft spot for robots and miniature robotics. We chatted with EPRI on the benefits (and the playfulness) of drones.

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  • Mar 23, 2013 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    As we discussed in earlier issues of this utility tweets article series, utilities have really come far in using Twitter in new, interesting, informative and amusing ways. With this issue, we perused a whole lot of utility and association feeds to put together some of our favorites from March featuring the touching, the educational, the practical and the mildly paranoid.

  • Mar 21, 2013 | Suzanne Pletcher

    In what can be likened to a sack race toward a distant—and distinctly different—future for communities and the power they consume, the City of Fort Collins is leading the pack, according to SWEEP's director of communications. Juicy details inside.

  • Mar 20, 2013 | Paul De Martini

    Widespread adoption of rooftop solar and other forms of distributed generation and responsive demand is transforming the mix of resources used to meet customers’ energy needs and manage the grid, speakers at Caltech’s Resnick Institute’s Grid2020 discussion series revealed. 

  • Mar 19, 2013 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    As utilities look more to empowering the consumer, they’re growing a number of in-house building efforts from smart thermostat initiatives to efficiency programs. Kevin Meagher, vice president of smart homes for Lowe's (yes, the place where you buy your gardening tools) says utilities are making all of this consumer engagement just too darn hard.

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  • Mar 18, 2013 | Ken Silverstein

    The Obama administration is linking improvements in the electrical grid with the increasing occurrence of aberrant weather patterns, all associated with climate change. To that end, it has recently released its “progress report” detailing the steps that it has made and will continue to make to achieve its goals. 

  • Mar 17, 2013 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    The meter installation in Naperville, Illinois has an active and vocal protest movement. Despite studies by the utility and objective sources refuting the movement's claims, a form letter created by the protest group has spilled over the edges of this community and appeared in various forms at utilities across the country. Nicknamed "the Naperville letter," it may be coming to a utility near you. Here's insight into where it came from, what it says and how you can respond.

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  • Mar 14, 2013 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Earlier this week, Kony sponsored an Intelligent Utility webcast titled “Crafting the perfect field worker,” featuring Tony Thomas, principal engineer with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (or the NRECA) and Jimmy Mendoza, retired business analyst with CPS Energy, that discussed options for enabling and enlightening utility field workers. 

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  • Mar 13, 2013 | Charles Newton

    On a summary level among the more than 150 utility participants in 37 countries that participated in the recently completed tenth edition of Newton-Evans’ series titled “The World Market Study of SCADA, Energy Management Systems, Distribution Management Systems and Outage Management Systems in Electric Utilities,” there are some noticeable regional differences in current and planned usage of analytics capabilities to assist utility operations.