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  • Mar 17, 2016 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    While libraries are still fabulous and valuable---and while you still can use my old index-in-the-stacks system if you’d like some background on, say, Sacagawea---there is an easier way to find a good story, or to share your own. And it's all digital.

  • Mar 16, 2016 | Bruce Herzer

    As utilities respond to rapid shifts in regulatory models, technology, and customer expectations, it can be useful to have some insight into how others are successfully making a similar transformation. 

  • Mar 15, 2016 | Guest Writer

    As part of a spatial lead analysis project, Piedmont Natural Gas (PNG) opted to complement the GIS by implementing a spatial data warehouse in conjunction with a web viewing component that is capable of integrating geospatial with data from other business systems to make tailored information available across the enterprise.

  • Mar 14, 2016 | Guest Writer

    Mary Brittain-White writes: "A long time ago, on my very first mobility project, I was sure of the possibilities that the technology would deliver: workers would get rid of their paperwork, referential information would be at their fingertips allowing them to make better decisions and, most importantly, management would have greater transparency via additional information captured regarding each incident. I was just completely wrong."

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  • Mar 11, 2016 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    When you hear analytics, you think numbers, stats and data all floating and swirling around in the nonobjective ether like a crazy math-geek sequel to Pixar’s hit flick “Inside Out.” When Entergy’s John Scott and Eddie Himel hear analytics, however, they think circuit breakers, load tap changers (LTCs) and maintenance all cleaned up and organized like a simplified, smarter sequel to the old Excel spreadsheets they once used for this trend tracing. 

  • Mar 10, 2016 | Gerald R. Gray

    A smart and integrated electric grid inherently relies upon the ability for its many components to communicate with one another. With potentially hundreds of software systems presently in use in a utility for each component, it’s necessary that every component and system actually can “talk” with one another.

  • Using new tech to nullify cyber attacks
    Mar 09, 2016 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    Deception is a four-letter word. Well, not literally, of course, but let’s just say it has a bad reputation—a sneaky, negative connotation. But what if I told you deception could help save your SCADA system? Now you’re listening.

  • Mar 08, 2016 | Guest Writer

    The energy internet will transform the electrical grid from a closed, proprietary, telecom-style network to an open platform that connects consumers, generators, and service providers. How do we get there? 

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  • Mar 07, 2016 | Guest Writer

    Benjamin Beberness, CIO of IT services with SnoPUD, gives a personal view of how his job has evolved with the changes in IT at utilities. 

  • Mar 04, 2016 | Kathleen Wolf Davis

    The cloud --- however you may define it --- has morphed most of the modern world, but utilities are still a bit behind with this disruption. So, we sat down with Richelle Elberg, principal research analyst in energy with Navigant, to talk the how, whats and whys of this utility/cloud disconnect.