More utilities are piloting smart grid-enabled demand response programs, but customer engagement is crucial to success

While demand response programs are growing in the industry, more utilities are beginning to launch full-scale dynamic pricing plans to a broader base of residential customers, according to industry data featured in Chartwell’s latest report, Demand Response and Rate Programs for Residential Customers 2012.

Prices and rate structures still vary widely among utilities, with time-of-use rates among the most prevalent pricing plans, but critical peak pricing and its variants are showing promise to deliver the kind of necessary dynamic rate structures to different residential and small business customer segments.

“Demand response is only going to become more versatile for utilities with the continued proliferation of smart meters,” says Will Adams, editor for Chartwell. “However, successful demand response programs take time to hone and develop properly, because customer education and engagement are both crucial.”

Demand Response and Rate Programs for Residential Customers 2012 also addresses customer interest in smart grid related in-home technologies and other tools that could create ease-of-use for customer participation in dynamic pricing programs.

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