Successful load control programs include a number of critical factors, according to Chartwell research

While load control programs have been offered by many utilities for a number of years, the landscape of these efforts is changing. More traditional peak-load management efforts are undergoing upgrades as technology improves, and more hybrid demand response initiatives are providing more detailed energy usage information to the customer, according to Chartwell’s new research report, Load Control Programs for Residential Customers 2012.

While load control initiatives have historically relied on one-way communications from the utility to the cycled appliance, more two-way options are emerging. Such enhancements can create ease for the utility and the customer alike.

Across North America, customer adoption of utility load control efforts can vary by region and service territory. However, a number of factors can bolster participation.

“Incentives can play a role in customer adoption of load control programs, according to our research,” says Dennis Smith, vice president for Chartwell. “And, as expected, utilities with stronger marketing efforts tend to draw more participants.”

When offering a load control initiative, utilities are faced with the challenges associated with customer education and perception, as well as preparation for unknown obstacles that may occur during enrollment and events. Thorough communications with customers can be a critical component of program success.

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