Efacec USA Delivers First US-Made Shell Power Transformers In More Than 20 Years

Efacec Power Transformers, Inc. has achieved a milestone for the U.S. power industry. A shell type power transformer, completely designed and built in the United States, has been delivered and is ready for service. It is the first “Made in the USA” shell unit to be successfully manufactured here in more than 20 years.

Shell transformers have been made overseas since a key manufacturer shut down over two decades ago. Efacec’s state-of-the-art plant in Rincon, Georgia is the only manufacturing plant in the U.S. to fully design and manufacture transformers using both core and shell technologies. More shell transformers are in production and will be delivered within the next few months.

Since Efacec's U.S. plant started operations a year and a half ago, it has shown a serious commitment to its U.S. customers by delivering over 2,000 MVA of power transformers to major domestic utilities.

While Efacec Power Transformers is a relatively new player in the U.S. market, it has a long history of manufacturing world-class high quality transformers, dating back to 1957 with its production facility in Portugal.

“Our factory acceptance test and delivery records reflect our success in achieving a complete transfer of technology from Portugal to the U.S. and an ability to perform beyond expectations,” stated Jorge Guerra, Efacec USA's Chief Operating Officer. “By using innovative technology and successfully training qualified people who are committed to fulfilling our customer’s needs, our U.S. power transformer plant already has developed a significant number of orders.”

The newest shell unit, a 300 MVA 230/115/13.2 kV, was delivered last month to a domestic utility company. A spare unit, a 500 MVA 230/115/13.2 kV was delivered to another utility in June.

Over the years, Efacec has made huge investments in technology to become an industry world leader, not only in the power transformer and automation sectors but also in renewable energy, smart grid applications, switchgear, engineering, material handling, servicing, transportation and electric vehicle fast chargers. Efacec's capability to provide technology integration makes it a reliable partner of choice offering solutions to face the new energy infrastructure that is now being shaped.

About Efacec Power Transformers

Group Efacec was formed in 1948 and it is now the largest Portuguese conglomerate in the field of electricity, employing around 4,800 people and with a volume of orders that already exceeds $1.4 billion. Efacec is present in more than 65 countries worldwide. The Group has been serving U.S. customers since 1998. In 2007, it established its U.S. operations headquarters in Norcross, GA. More information can be obtained at www.efacecusa.com.

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