Spirae Signs Partnership Agreement with Kalundborg Municipality in Denmark to Meet Energy Goals

Spirae, Inc., located in Fort Collins, CO, signed a collaboration agreement with the Kalundborg Municipality in Denmark at the recently concluded World Climate Solutions Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The agreement, signed by Martin Damm, Mayor of Kalundborg Municipality and Sunil Cherian, CEO of Spirae, outlines a collaboration framework for meeting Kalundborg’s energy goals by becoming a "Smart City."

The agreement was signed in the presence of Colorado Governor Bill Ritter who congratulated the parties on this ambitious agreement that promotes energy innovation and strengthens ties between Colorado and Denmark. "The collaboration agreement between Kalundborg Municipality in Denmark and Colorado based Spirae is an excellent example of how the New Energy Economy is enabling new technologies and economic collaborations between two regions that are leaders in energy innovations" said Gov. Ritter.

The Kalundborg Smart City project aims to bring together the unique mix of stakeholders required to meet the regions’ ambitious energy goals: city planners, industry experts, researchers, power generators, grid operators and energy distributors. The goal of the Kalundborg Smart City project is to analyze the relationship between a mixture of energy production and transport modalities including renewable energy, smart grid operations, and energy consumption patterns and determine how they can be optimized to accelerate energy and environmental sustainability. "Our cooperation is expected to boost the impact of our future investments and safeguard us against mistaken investments in connection with the major challenges within the energy sector," states Martin Damm, Mayor of Kalundborg.

The initial phase of the project will focus on modelling, simulation, and scenario analysis to support regional planning aimed at optimizing production, distribution, and consumption across multiple energy modalities within Kalundborg Municipality. Spirae will provide tools and expertise for optimizing the use of distributed resources and assist with scenario analysis for Smart City planning.

"Kalundborg fits perfectly into a Smart City model, where new technologies are introduced to maximize the use of renewable and distributed energy resources leveraging the strong relationships already in place with its heavy industry players" says Cherian. "It is also the 'right-size' to target ambitious Smart City objectives in the near term," he adds. Spirae believes that this type of project is replicable in cities throughout the world and represents a growing global trend towards City- or Municipality-led integrated energy solutions.

About Spirae:

Spirae, based in Fort Collins, CO, provides control and analysis solutions to the electric power industry for managing large quantities of distributed energy resources on the power system. Distributed energy resources can take many forms, including wind generation, solar photovoltaic, electric vehicles, controllable loads, and smaller conventional generation located at consumer sites. Spirae’s distributed control and analysis solutions are designed to facilitate maximum participation from these resources while maintaining reliable and efficient operation of the power system. Spirae also co-owns and operates the InteGrid Test and Development Lab in collaboration with Colorado State University for the purposes of advanced grid simulation and research. For more information about Spirae, please visit www.spirae.com and www.integridlab.com.

About Kalundborg:

Kalundborg Municipality is the biggest industrial area on Zealand outside of Copenhagen and generates approximately nine percent of Denmark’s total CO2 emissions. Kalundborg is the home base of The Industrial Symbiosis, a commercial partnership project that brings down CO2 emissions by 240,000 tons on a yearly basis. The municipality supports the development, demonstration and integration of renewable energy resources complementing energy efficiency measures. For more information about Kalundborg, please visit www.kalundborg.dk and www.kalundborg.dk/climate.

For more information about Kalundborg Municipality, please contact: Claus Steen Madsen, Technical Development and Cultural Executive (+45 29 68 15 57, Claus.Madsen @ kalundborg.dk) or Martin Andersen, Kalundborg European Brussels Office (+32 25 01 08 25, Andersen@kalundborg.dk).

For more information about Spirae please contact: Julie Zinn Patti, Director of Operations (+1 970 449 8528, jzinnpatti @ spirae.com) or Sunil Cherian, CEO (+1 970 449 8517, sunil @ spirae.com.)

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