Welcome to the New Intelligent Utility Daily!

H. Christine Richards | Dec 08, 2009


Our readers have devoured the successful print publication, Intelligent Utility magazine, which cuts through the hype to cover the realities of smart grid and intelligent utility initiatives. But with such a rapidly changing market, once every two months just isn’t enough. We at Energy Central thought you could also benefit from a daily dose of the good stuff. So here it is. Today, we are launching our new daily email publication, Intelligent Utility Daily, along with the supporting Web site www.IntelligentUtility.com.

These online resources will bring “real-time” intelligence to all of the information out there about smart grid—and beyond. This publication doesn’t just cover the news, it will also provide you with original daily analysis and commentary from our team of intelligent utility experts including:

Warren Causey
Senior vice president, Sierra Energy Group, a division of Energy Central

H. Christine Richards
Vice president, Intelligent Utility division
Editor-in-chief, Intelligent Utility magazine

Kate Rowland
Managing editor, Intelligent Utility magazine
Editor-in-chief, Intelligent Utility Daily

Bart Thielbar
Senior research analyst, consulting with Sierra Energy Group, a division of Energy Central

Please join us each weekday as we track how utilities and other critical organizations are forging ahead to deliver on the promise of information-enabled energy—all the way from generation to end user.

We’re thrilled to have you here. Thank you for spending part of your day with us and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


H. Christine Richards

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