Utility Associates Releases Results of PadWORKS™ Program with Allegheny

February 5, 2001) More than three million utility customers from Maryland to Michigan receive improved services as a result of software from Atlanta-based Utility Associates. Currently in production at numerous utility companies, PadWORKS™ is uniquely capable of handling all kinds of work including complex long cycle construction work. PadWORKS™ saves work crews an average of 2.5 hours per day by eliminating paperwork, improving customer service and lowering operating costs. Allegheny Energy began a full rollout of the PadWORKS™ software in October to its linemen, who support 1.7 million regulated energy delivery customers. In less than six months, the utility received a payback on its investment. As a result of the highly successful program, Allegheny Ventures, the unregulated business development arm of Allegheny Energy, has acquired a 10 percent equity interest and a membership to the Board of Directors of Utility Associates. "Utility Associates has done a superb job in helping us improve the productivity of our field crews and operations centers," said Chuck Nevins, Director, Technology Development and Support for Allegheny Ventures. "We now have the information we need, when and where we need it! I never want to go back to paper!" said one Allegheny Power lineman. This tightly integrated system improves customer service and lowers operating costs through increased productivity and data accuracy. PadWORKS™ is easily integrated with the leading work management and existing legacy systems. The software is highly flexible, and can be configured to meet the unique needs of the utility customer. Most, if not all, requirements can be accomplished through manipulating the system configuration tables. Manipulating table entries is far more cost effective than making code changes to implement the same end result. "PadWORKS™ is designed specifically for field crews using handheld computers. The advantage of this approach is that our software is easy to use and fits well within the form factor of a mobile device. PadWORKS™ represents the culmination of ten years of mobile computing experience. Simply put, PadWORKS™ is the right tool for the job at hand," said Utility Associates President Ted Davis. Utility Associates was formed as a spin-off from Pad Systems in late 2000, allowing the utility technology group to focus their expertise and management experience in the utility sector. This group has implemented field force automation software solutions since 1991. MEDIA CONTACT, DISTRIBUTECH BOOTH 1942 Janice Hofmann, Creative Strategies, 404.252-9429, hofmann@mindspring.com
Utility Associates

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