The NERTEC Internal Mobitex Gateway for Wireless Electric C&I Meter Applications

Montreal, Quebec (EEI Annual), June 19, 2000: At this year’s EEI Annual Conference and Exposition, Electricity: The New Millennium, NERTEC introduces its latest product, the Internal Mobitex Gateway. The Internal Mobitex Gateway easily installs under the glass of GE kV™ or kV2 commercial and industrial electric meters to provide them with remote wireless communications capabilities via any North American Mobitex network. “We developed the Internal Mobitex Gateway because of the increasing demand for a reliable, single-module wireless communication solution”, states Daniel Pouliot, Director of Business Development. “Our product uses the Mobitex communication standard because of its growing popularity and data load capacity. The combination of our device and the Mobitex network provides electric utilities with a dependable, two-way communication portal for downloading vital metering data and for programming the meters.” The Internal Mobitex Gateway is based on the proposed ANSI C12.22 standard. This device acts as a relay between the meter and the communication network. The device downloads all its metering data to the utility and accepts programming information through the Mobitex network. With this device, utilities do not have to install a telephone line or purchase an additional communication modem or module. The NERTEC Internal Mobitex Gateway is not only a low-cost solution, but also an important enhancement to C&I metering. Utilities will be able to gather valuable metering data remotely and as needed. Increased data from C&I customers is essential for utilities to develop value-added services and innovative programs for this important market segment. The Internal Mobitex Gateway delivers this capability reliably and inexpensively. NERTEC Inc. is a solely owned subsidiary of NERTEC Design Inc. of Granby, Quebec, Canada. NERTEC has a diverse product line of AMR devices (TELEREADER® and CellReader™ AMR products) and Table TstBench™ (an ANSI C12.19 compliant, universal meter builder, program, and simulator software package). NERTEC offers off-the-shelf and custom solutions for electric, gas, and water utilities for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Since 1985, NERTEC has been recognized leader in developing, designing, manufacturing, and delivering AMR systems and value-added service products. NERTEC and its family of AMR products are on the worldwide web at

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