PEABODY, MA – February 15, 2000 – Select Energy is using a series of LODESTAR Corporation products to quickly analyze massive amounts of data to assist in the smart management of the Berlin, CT, competitive energy supplier. Select Energy is part of the Northeast Utilities system, the leading supplier of electricity in New England. It provides retail and wholesale energy supply, energy-related services, and power facilities management and operation services. The competitive energy supplier has installed RateExpert™, BillingExpert™ and LODESTAR’S Profile & Settlement System (LPSS™). With these products, Select Energy can quickly manipulate and analyze interval meter data. The company, which is targeting commercial and industrial accounts, sells gas and electricity in seven Northeast states, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania. It plans to move rapidly to four additional states including New Jersey where Select Energy is currently enrolling electricity customers. Select Energy relies on LPSS™ to track the company’s total load across more than half a dozen states. "Load profiling is easily said and not easily done," says Jim Grace, information operations manager at Select Energy. The company uses LPSS™ to obtain an accurate picture of Select Energy’s coincident demand curve. LODESTAR’S products have given Grace the tools to work with data in an array of formats. As an energy generation supplier, Select Energy must be ready to handle just about any kind of meter data, Grace explains. Local distribution companies, for instance, will send data in kilowatt-hours or kilowatts. "It’s by far the most flexible tool that we’ve seen," Grace says of LPSS, "and it supports all of the profiling methods that are being used in the industry right now." LODESTAR’S common Rules Language used across all of the products "gives us the ability to manipulate interval data which is important because we are not in control of the [format of that] data." He adds, "Once I create a price, I know I can bill the customer because the price structure uses the same Rules Language that I will bill it in." Grace maintains that Select Energy holds an edge in the marketplace because it is working with a trio of integrated products from LODESTAR. "We think they are giving us a competitive advantage in the marketplace right now." LODESTAR is a recognized leader in providing software solutions to investor-owned utilities, energy providers, power marketers, power associations and major municipalities. Its Customer Choice Suite of software products helps utilities meet the demands that competitive markets place on load research, pricing, billing, sales support, cost analysis, energy management, reconcilation & settlement, and customer service. The LODESTAR Customer Choice Suite includes: LodeStar™, a flexible client/server-based load research system; RateExpert™, software for pricing and rate analysis with an optional revenue forecasting module; BillingExpert™, a powerful and easy-to-use billing engine; LodeMap™, a Web-based tool for viewing customer energy usage and calculating energy costs; and LODESTAR Profile & Settlement System™, a cost-effective system for load profiling, reconciliation and settlement. LODESTAR Corporation is located at 8 Essex Center Drive in Peabody, Massachusetts 01960-2911. For more information on LODESTAR Customer Choice Suite, visit, or call (888) 225-1293.

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