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  • One of Norway’s largest power companies, Nord-Trondelag Elektrisitetsverk Nett (NTE), has begun a pilot project to see if customers will respond to real-time pricing. In this international installment of our Utility2Utility series, we talk with Torbjørn Opland, department director at Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk Nett AS about the project. Intelligent Utility: What was the impetus of this
  • You can’t get bigger lakes (or seas, even) of big data to deal with than the ones facing Exelon, a parent company of three utilities: BGE, ComEd and PECO.  Combined, that’s nearly 8 million customers—and each customer with a million data points, it seems. So, when looking for details about big data, Exelon’s the big daddy. Over the past few years, Exelon have been mostly in “project mode,”


  • If you see a black helicopter flying around York County in the next few weeks, you might be tempted to think it's something out of a spy novel.

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