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  • I hate the term prosumer for one reason: I don’t want to be one. I don’t want to be forced into managing both the things I have to and all the tangential life things, too. Rather than being a prosumer, I want to be an endsumer (just left out of everything but the end result, thanks). But, I am not the norm, it seems. The blending of professional/productive/proactive with consumer—someone who is
  • When I started in this business in the early aughts—an old term for the first few years of a century that is, noticeably, a linguistic error but still better than many alternatives—deregulation was everywhere. It was a buzzword, the lead concept. Heck, “smart grid” wasn’t even a gleam in anyone’s eye yet. Wasn’t a single person talking about that. Nope. It was all dereg. Dereg was going to change


  • Commonwealth Edison Co. is asking regulators to add $3 to the average electricity bill next year to help it fund its massive overhaul of the electricity grid.

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