Intelligent Utility Insights

  • May 03, 2016 | Oliver Muhr

    If energy producers and utility services are to survive in the long term, they need to enact much more radical changes than ever before. It is not enough to rely on green energy, reduce costs, and sue larger entities against the energy transition. The real enemy lies somewhere else.

  • May 02, 2016 | Sonita Lontoh

    We should not equate popularity with real, tangible IoT benefits. Arguably, some of the not-so-popular IoT applications such as smart grids, smart cities and industrial internet, have much greater potential to deliver tangible benefits to consumers, society and the planet.


  • May 01--After high winds reaching over 80 mph swept through northern Utah on Saturday night and Sunday morning, homeowners and businesses around Weber and Davis counties were left with significant damage and in many cases, no electricity. Large trees were uprooted by wind around much of northern Utah, and power lines were downed. At their peak Sunday morning, the power outages resulted in no ...

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